May 2018

DearĀ Doculogix PTS User,

You are receiving this notice in accordance with recent changes to data-privacy laws and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Ā  In light of these changes, we’ve provided some information below and also added some new features to help you implement your privacy requirements:

  • Doculogix is considered the Data Processor and you are considered the Data Controller. To better understand our responsibilities and yours, please read this document on the GDPR EU website.

  • Doculogix has revised its Privacy Policy to explain to you in more detail how we use your information, as well as your rights.

  • We have added a form on our main website, so users can request that their data be deleted or amended. This link is available to each user via the privacy policy within PTS under your “My PTS”.

  • There is now a GDPR opt-in date on the PTS client page to help you record and manage your clients' response.

  • A new report will soon be added to provide visibility across client GDPR opt-in dates

Doculogix has always taken privacy and security seriously and we’ve incorporated this approach not only into our products, but into our company culture. Regardless of where you are in your GDPR plans, you can be assured the use of the Doculogix PTS platform will help you get closer to GDPR readiness.

As always, thank you for reading and for being a customer of Doculogix.

Please note that while these tools and features are provided to enable your compliance, we do not provide legal advice, and you should consult with your own legal counsel to ensure your compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Doculogix Team